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Gibellina is the result of an interweaving, a deep embrace between the ancient roots, composed of traditions, values, customs handed down from the old city and the highest expression of contemporary: Art that, in many forms, makes it a Museum en plein air.

Barriques Museum

In the muffled silence of the barrel cellar, immersed in the suspended time of the slow evolution of the wine, contemporary art finds a new temple. Here is where a new project comes to life: the Barriques Museum, a permanent contemporary art museum in an active barrel cellar, a daily stage where the formality and linearity of a museum meet the simplicity and rituality of wine.

These same walls periodically welcome masters of the aesthetic pathos in residence, transforming the abstract conception of feelings and emotions into something reproducible, as only art can do. Important collaborations with the Fondazione Orestiadi and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera allow to design and realise new projects, making the intrinsic link between wine and art even stronger.

Fondazione Orestiadi

The symbol is the letter of an ideal alphabet able to bring people together and put in contact the different cultures of the Mediterranean area. It introduces the traveller to the discovery of Gibellina’s history.
Starting from shared symbols, a unanimous feeling and perception, an encounter between different souls, it increases that dialogue, that enthusiasm and curiosity that become thirst to know and grow, to create and build together.
That is the quintessence of the identity of the city.

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