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Gli Estremi

Etna La Gelsomina

An amphitheatre unique in the world

A mystical and fascinating place, Etna has always amazed and attracted interest, becoming a source of inspiration for artists, poets, writers, but also a place of religious worship, through the centuries and cultures.

Its soils, composed of layers of castings that have followed one another over the centuries, allow a heroic agriculture, complex but rich, strongly characterizing. Here wines with a strong identity are born, expression of a unique and special territory.

La Gelsomina

Among the paths of Presa, a small hamlet in which the inhabitants depose their clothes of fellow citizens to become almost a tribe, stands La Gelsomina , a small jewel placed on the edge of the Santa Venera torrent, where Piedimonte Etneo gives way to Mascali County.

On a clay and lava soil, walking day after day on the “gghiara”, as the people of Etna say, we cultivate 15 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees, which take the form of a theatre, as to invite anyone who crosses the gate to enjoy the immense spectacle that is Nature, that every day is repeated and renewed.

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