Belìce ValleyRiccardo Guerrera2020-06-20T19:45:56+02:00

Belìce Valley

Where Mediterranean perfumes and colours interwine with Myth and Art

A set of unique terroir, characterized by different soils, specific microclimates and different altitudes to create wines that are the fruit of passion and dedication, as well as of a deep knowledge of the Valley and its micro peculiarities: this is the strength of the vineyards grown within the Belìce Valley.

Red, white and black soil are close, almost so close they touch each other, giving the right shade of color to each varietal, painting unique landscapes and allowing those who are dedicated to the study of the soil to find the most suitable lands for each cultivar.


In a corner of Sicily where viticulture meets art and merges with it, Gibellina, the Tenute Orestiadi were founded in 2008. A journey through completely different terroirs, with rich and varied characteristics, which tell the story of the sun and the sweet Sicilian breezes, with a common denominator: the ability to enhance the indigenous varieties.

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