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DOC Sicilia

The only autochthonous red grape variety of the province of Trapani, it has ancient origins, so much so that it took the name of Pignatello because of the "pignate", pots made with the same red earth on which Perricone gives its best. Abandoned for many years, it is experiencing a period of new enhancement and growth.

DOC Sicilia
Red soil 300 metres above sea level
Deep purple
Aromatic bouquet of red berries mixed with hints of black pepper and Mediterranean spices
Soft and elegant with dense fruity sensations of wild berries. The finish is sumptuous and persistent
Fresh cheeses, macaroni with stewed pork, lamb chops, typical sicilians meet rolls
Aging for about 8 months in steel tanks. Aging is completed inside the bottle lying on its side for about 10 months.
Medaglia d’Oro Mundus Vini 2016

Red Soil

In south-western Sicily, where the color of the land evokes the red hues typical of the Mediterranean sunsets, we find this type of soil, a sand and skeleton rich soil (stones). With a very loose composition and full of ferrous microelements, in the Belìce Valley it is characterized by a dry microclimate perfect for the farming of red grape varietals. It is the soil of choice for Perricone: another name of the cultivar, in fact, is Pignatello, precisely in relation to the \\\"pignate\\\", a Sicilian term that indicates the pots made with the same red earth through which the varietal grants its maximum expressions.