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Terre Siciliane IGP

Pacènzia is a quality that distinguishes being Sicilian. Pacènzia to know how to wait for the hot Sicilian sun and the slow passage of time to shape the best grapes of our late harvest, giving us a wine with elegant hints of candied citrus, honeyed flavour, enveloping with strong notes of ripen fruit. A mix of elegance, uniqueness, diversity and typicality.

Terre Siciliane IGP
Black soil 70-100 metres above sea level
Intense strow yellow
Elegant flavors of candied citruses, tasting of honey enveloping with marked notes of ripen fruits
Moderately sweet wine, soft and harmonious. Excellent balance.
Perfectly with fruit-based desserts (including nuts) and herb or semi-mature cheeses
The grapes have endured a natural process of drying on the plants, followed by cold maceration and very slow temperature controlled fermentation. After that the fermentation is naturally stopped with cold.

Black Soil

On the gentle hills of the Trapani hinterland, we find this type of land, rich in silt-clay substances, compact and resistant to drought. Thanks to its characteristics it appears to be the ideal habitat for the farming of many varieties, of both red and white grapes, and becomes for us the perfect soil for the cultivation of our Syrah and Nero d\'Avola. The latter is used as varietal as well as blended for Ludovico, wine dedicated to Ludovico Corrao and the jewel in the crown of the cellar.